Vardenafil Prices

Sooner or later, some men have problems with an erection, it can be age-related, and may be the result of various sores, for example, prostate adenomas. To solve this problem, my doctor wrote to my spouse the doctor Levitra, a drug that affects erectile dysfunction. I want to say that the drug is quite expensive, one tablet costs 1200. It should be taken in 30 minutes for the alleged sexual intercourse. I bought a pill for the sake of sports interest, as I understood that it was necessary to work on these pills alone. Although I read on one forum that you can take 1/4 of the pill, that they also work well. No sooner said than done. Yes, indeed, after about 40 minutes it begins to act, and it acts when it is needed. At the time of excitement.

sick dog photoThe sexual intercourse is prolonged, the erection is maintained during intercourse, as well as 5-10 minutes after it, in any case we had it.

The vardenafil tablet quickly ended, but the problems remained. I recommend to those who have a lot of money. And it's so sad to live without sex. dog_allergies_1

At one time, my husband had erectile dysfunction. In terms of the quality of our relations and his self-esteem, this problem hit pretty hard. He did not want to go to the doctor, he did not trust urologists, he did not want to spend time, money and nerves. The solution for her husband was the use of drugs that improve erectile dysfunction. The reception of some did not suit him, others gave the desired effect, but Pandorra’s box was open, and a new world of experiments opened up for him. He decided to try Levitra. What effect did he want to achieve? He wanted a long erection, marathons at any time of the day, whether in the early morning or evening after work. And if there are no problems in the morning, then in the evening, after practicing the 12 hour shift, the aphorism “I want to, but cannot” comes to mind. So that the possibilities corresponded to the vardenafil desires, it was decided to try this drug.

The active substance of the drug is vardenafil. Once in the body, this substance increases blood flow to the penis. It is worth noting that an erection occurs only in a state of excitement. The effect of taking Levitra is. The drug begins to act approximately two hours after ingestion. The description of the vardenafil onlinr indicates that the drug is active for about 10 hours. My husband's effect lasted for two days)) The benefits of Levitra are: + Long-term effect of the drug + Erection is caused naturally, which enhances the sensation of sexual intercourse

But there are also disadvantages: - The cost of the drug. One tablet vardenafil (5 mg) costs around 1000 rubles - Side effects. special care should be taken for people with heart failure - An erection is achieved only by arousal. If the vardenafil did not help you, then you may have psychological problems. - Psychological addiction. Taking this drug does not solve the main problem, but simply helps to achieve the desired effect. It must be remembered that if the vardenafil cease to function, then the problem has gone out of control and consultation with a doctor is required.

In general, the effect of Levitra with her husband was satisfied)) Well, a healthy lifestyle is the best drug for many problems)) Thank you for your attention, good health and vibrant life)